This page is provides information about forthcoming events and activities at Hastings Local Quaker Meeting and is primarily for the use and information of local Friends and Attenders                                     


Hastings Quakers meet for Worship every Sunday at 10.30 am in the Meeting House at 5 South Terrace, Hastings TN34 1SA  (80 yards from the junction with Queens Road).

For the time being however, for so long as the government’s lockdown restrictions continue to apply, only a limited number of people are permitted to take part in Meetings within the premises, and those who attend are subject to various conditions and restrictions: for example the wearing of face masks is compulsory all the time you are within the building, and access to the kitchen area and the use of its facilities is prohibited.

If you would like to attend, then in view of the limited number of people we are able to a commodate at the moment in order to comply with “social distancing” requirements, we are operating a “booking” system on a first-come-first-served basis. To book your place, please use the link below to open the diary and add your name under the date or dates you intend to come.

Some local Quakers who either find the conditions too oppressive or else have been unable to book one of the limited number of places available in the Meeting House are instead holding Meetings for Worship on Sunday mornings also at 10.30 am in Alexandra Park on the lawn area just next to the war memorial (yes, we are aware of the irony!) which is right at the southern end of the park, near to the roundabout where St Helen’s Road meets Queen’s Road.  If you are driving, on-road parking is available in Bethune Way.

Other local Quakers are holding “virtual” meetings on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons over the internet by means of the popular “zoom” platform.

Under normal circumstances there would be an active schedule of events and activities taking place after Meeting for Worship on most Sundays. For the time being regrettably these have been suspended. We all look forward to being able to resume our normal round of activities as soon as possible.

For the time being we are unfortunately unable to hire the Meeting House to other groups or organisations, but we are looking to make this possible again in the very near future.

Any enquiries in the meantime should be referred to the Clerk by email on  








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