This page is provides information about forthcoming events and activities at Hastings Local Quaker Meeting and is primarily for the use and information of local Friends and Attenders                                     

Hastings Quakers meet for Worship every Sunday at 10.30 am in the Meeting House at 5 South Terrace, Hastings TN34 1SA  (80 yards from the junction with Queens Road). The following events and activities listed are in addition to our regular Meetings for Worship.



Sunday 30th June :   Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                           12 noon

After Meeting for Worship we have time set aside especially for Attenders and newcomers to the Meeting to ask questions or raise any issues about Quakerism generally or about the way our Meeting functions. Everyone has something to contribute, whether by asking questions (which other people may well have been privately wondering about as well) or to share the benefit of your experience and insights.


Sunday 7th July :     Quaker Meeting House,  South Terrace, Hastings                      12 noon

Following Meeting for Worship, instead of our normal “business meeting” this month we are taking advantage of the visit of Rowan Green a young Quaker from Somerset who has just taken her degree in biology and is now on a cycle tour around the country talking to schools and community groups about the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.


Wednesday 10th July :   Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                  2 pm

The Local Meeting’s healing group meets this afternoon with tea and biscuits to follow. All are welcome.        


Sunday 14th July :    The Little Theatre, Steyne Road, Seaford                                          1 pm

Friends at Seaford are hosting this month’s Area Meeting, which is a “social day” with various activities planned including film screenings, artwork and music, finishing with a play reading followed by tea at about 4 pm.


Friday 19th July  :   Manor Barn, Bexhill                                                                                 12.15 pm              

A memorial Meeting for Worship is being held to commemorate the life of Daphne Hill  late of Bexhill Quaker Meeting, where she served as clerk for many years, who died on 8th June.  


Saturday 20th July :       Circle Group at Carole’s house  *                                              3 pm

This month the “circle group” meets at Carole’s house. All are welcome. Please bring anything that you feel would be of interest to share with the group over a cup of tea.   


Sunday 21st July :     Quaker Meeting House,  South Terrace, Hastings                      12 noon

Following Meeting for Worship, we have our “sharing group” session, on the theme of discernment.

Also on 21st July :     Reading group at Tamara’s house   *                                                    6 pm

The reading group meets this evening at Tamara’s house to continues studying passages from  “Quaker faith and practice”. (NOTE the change from our normal monthly programme: due to other commitments the reading group is meeting one week later than normal just for this month) 


Saturday 27th July :   Twineham parish church, West Sussex                                             3 pm

Regional Meeting is open to Quakers from across East and West Sussex and Surrey. This particular one is going to be rather unusual. Although hosted by Ditchling Friends it takes place in Twineham, a village in West Sussex about 5 miles west of Burgess Hill just a short way off the A23. The parish church of St Peter contains within its churchyard an old Quaker burial ground, for the maintenance of which Quakers pay an annual rent or “dues” to the parish church, while the Church for its part pays a slightly larger rent back to the Quakers for taking possession of the ground. This somewhat bizarre arrangement works slightly in the Quakers favour, the difference due to Quakers amounting to 4 old pence a year. To make things simpler this is paid just once every three years, by which time the accumulated  amount due amounts to one shilling (that’s 5 pence, for you young ‘uns!). This three-yearly ceremony happens to fall due this year. There will be a joint service in the church at 3 pm during which the “dues” will be handed over, followed by tea in the nearby school hall.


Sunday 28th July :    Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                       12.30 pm     

Following Meeting for Worship we have our “shared lunch” in the Meeting House. Please feel welcome to stay after Meeting for Worship and join us, and bring whatever contribution you wish to add to the variety of food.           

FOLLOWED AFTERWARDS  by an informal meeting for those intending to participate in the protest at the DESI arms fair in September in  order to discuss and organise arrangements


*   Note that for reasons of privacy and data protection, full details of people’s names and private addresses will not be given here. Local Friends will generally be aware of these already. If any Friends wishing to attend any of these events require fuller details please enquire by e-mail to








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