This page is provides information about forthcoming events and activities at Hastings Local Quaker Meeting and is primarily for the use and information of local Friends and Attenders                                     

Hastings Quakers meet for Worship every Sunday at 10.30 am in the Meeting House at 5 South Terrace, Hastings TN34 1SA  (80 yards from the junction with Queens Road). The following events and activities listed are in addition to our regular Meetings for Worship.


Saturday 16th  March :   Circle Group at Anna and Phil’s house   *                                 3 pm

This month the “circle group” meets at Anna and Phil’s house. Please bring anything that you feel would be of interest to share with the group over a cup of tea. 


Sunday 17th March :     Quaker Meeting House,  South Terrace, Hastings               12 noon

Following Meeting for Worship, we have our “sharing group” session, introduced this month by Ana on the theme “carpe diem”.


Saturday 23rd March : Littlehampton Quaker Meeting House,  Church Road, Littlehampton      10.30 am 

Regional Meeting for Quakers from all the Local Meetings in East and West Sussex and Surrey. The theme of today’s meeting is “Quaker work and witness among our European neighbours” with guest speaker Andrew Lane from the QUEA office in Brussels. Please bring a contribution of food for the shared lunch. 


Sunday 24th March :  Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                 12.30 pm     

Following Meeting for Worship we have our “shared lunch” in the Meeting House. Please feel welcome to stay after Meeting for Worship and join us, and bring whatever contribution you wish to add to the variety of food.


Sunday 31st March :  Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                    12 noon      

“Question Box”. After Meeting for Worship we have time set aside especially for Attenders and newcomers to the Meeting to ask questions or raise any issues about Quakerism generally or about the way our Meeting functions. Everyone has something to contribute, whether by asking questions (which other people may well have been privately wondering about as well) or to share the benefit of your experience and insights.

AND REMEMBER  that the clocks changed during the night, so you need to get up an hour earlier!


Sunday 7th April :     Quaker Meeting House,  South Terrace, Hastings                   12 noon

Following Meeting for Worship, we have our “meeting for Church Affairs” to discuss practical and administration matters affecting the Local Meeting.


Sunday 14th April :     Quaker Meeting House,  South Terrace, Hastings                   12.30 pm

After Meeting for Worship, premises committee has arranged for a representative from the fire brigade to come and give a talk on fire safety precautions and procedures


Also on 14th April :   Reading group at Tamara’s house   *                                                 6 pm

The reading group meets this evening at Tamara’s house to continues studying passages from  “Quaker faith and practice”


*   Note that for reasons of privacy and data protection, full details of people’s names and private addresses will not be given here. Local Friends will generally be aware of these already. If any Friends wishing to attend any of these events require fuller details please enquire by e-mail to








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