This page is provides information about forthcoming events and activities at Hastings Local Quaker Meeting and is primarily for the use and information of local Friends and Attenders                                     


Sunday 4th  November :     Quaker Meeting House,  South Terrace, Hastings         12 noon

Following Meeting for Worship, we have our “meeting for Church Affairs” to discuss practical and administration matters affecting the Local Meeting.


Tuesday 6th  November :     RVS Centre, South Street, St. Leonards                                    6 pm

The Inter Faith Forum hosts an evening’s discussion on the theme “Towards a Global Ethic” based on the writings of the late Hans Kung.. This will be followed at 8 pm by the AGM. Tea and coffee provided. 


Saturday 10th November Bexhill Quaker Meeting House, Alfred Road, Bexhill      10.50 am       

Bexhill Quakers are hosting the Area Meeting today for Quakers from across the Sussex East Area to deal with  business and administrative matters, and there will be a particular focus today on the issue of truth and integrity in public affairs. It is  also a good opportunity to meet with Quakers from other local Meetings. The meeting is expected to finish around 1 pm.  


Sunday 11th November :      Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                 12 pm

Our bi-monthly “Loop” meeting for oversight, to consider issues concerning the pastoral needs and welfare of all those in our Meeting


 Saturday 17th November :  Bexhill Quaker Meeting House, Albert Road, Bexhill               1.30 pm

A seminar open to the public, organised by Bexhill Quakers and the United Nations Association, to examine the U.N.’s peacekeeping role and capabilities, with guest speakers including Mary Roslin from Hastings Quaker Meeting, and Richard Norman, emeritus professor of moral philosophy at Kent University. All are welcome. Entrance is free, and tea and coffee  will be provided. The event is expected to finish around 5 pm


Saturday 17th November :   Carole’s house  *                                      3 pm

The “circle group” meets this afternoon. Please bring any favourite items of interest you would like to share over a cup of tea, such as prose or poetry, prose, or anything visual or recorded. 


Sunday 18th  November :    Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                 12 noon

Following Meeting for Worship there will be a “sharing” on the topic of equality and diversity, to be introduced by the Quaker writer Harvey Gillman from Rye Meeting.    


Sunday  18th  November  :    Tamara’s house                                        6 pm

The reading group meets to study the passages concerning “silent waiting” in chapter 2 of “Quaker Faith and Practice”. All are welcome.


Sunday 25th November :  Quaker Meeting House, South Terrace, Hastings                            12.30 pm     

Following Meeting for Worship we have our “shared lunch” in the Meeting House. Please feel welcome to stay after Meeting for Worship and join us, and bring whatever contribution you wish to add to the variety of food.


*   Note that for reasons of privacy and data protection, full details of people’s names and private addresses will not be given here. Local Friends will generally be aware of these already. If any Friends wishing to attend any of these events require fuller details please enquire by e-mail to








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